These Indian brands is famous abroad? The article brings into light the myths related to the origins of popular brands in India. A revelation for many of you would be the fact that contrary to a general belief, Bata, the most popular domestic brand for footwear in India, isn’t an Indian company! See for yourself what these brands namely Bata, Hindustan Unilever, Colgate and Maggi are all about as you scroll down and read on.


The Bata Corporation, commonly known for its brand name across India, is widely regarded as a provider of affordable and credible footwear. This household name, however, might slightly amaze you as it actually originated from a small town in the Czech Republic. In 1894, Tomáš Baťa initiated the company Bata in the Czech Republic. Hence, Bata is not the Indian-based company.

These Indian brand is famous in abroad?

Nevertheless, it is a successful and long story, but it is from the 1930s of the history of India. Bata is everywhere all around the country and their shoe business also catering to the need of Indian shoppers with comfortable and affordable shoes must also be one of the reasons that lead to the mistake that Bata is an Indian instead of a foreign enterprise.

Hindustan Unilever

The majority of Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL) which happens to be a prominent fast-moving consumer goods company belonging to India is a subsidiary of Unilever – the multinational Anglo-Dutch conglomerate. Having been since its formation in 1931, HUL is not only well-known but also possessing an all-encompassing understanding of the Indian consumer market.

In spite of the etymological connotation of “Hindustan” the British Multinational Currently own the company. HUL’s vast product range extends spectrum of conventional commodity department including food, drinks, detergent powders, personal care products and water purifiers among others, thus reinforces its position as major contender in the race of Indian FMCG market.


American Colgate, which is apparently consumed by many Indian families, is seen as the most popular oral hygiene product brand. The Colgate-Palmolive Company, owner of Colgate tooth care products and other personal care goods was founded in 1873 and its main premises are in New York City.

Nonetheless, having arrived from abroad, Colgate has made a considerable mark in the Indian market, which has been in existence for a considerable time now. In addition to that this comprehensive move and the marketing strategies may result in the idea that Colgate is a brand of India. Throughout last years Colgate has been positioning its brand into recognition as well as forming trust among Indian consumers noting different generations. The brand’s messaging marvelously reflects these values and connects to the consumers by family, tradition and health concepts which perpetuate its image on the context of the Indian market.

Bose Speakers

It’s not us who are Bose, but Bose who is ours. The company is situated in the Massachusetts town of Framingham and it is American. The speakers of this kind, as well as their other audio products, are serious representatives of the brand.

Bose offers a significant variety of options to choose for your technical device: portable Bluetooth speakers for any time you are on the move; smart speakers for voice-controlled music; home theater systems for the ultimate entertainment; and also in-ceiling speakers for total sound. Their repute for an uncompromising high level of audio has made people to associate them with Indian “sounds” and they have a rich, envious musical tradition.


Yeah! ever heard about Maggi inspite knowing that it’s a popular Indian brand you might not know about its origins. The above ‘two-in-one’ brand of what people think instant noodles and seasonings – ‘Maggi’ is not an Indian thing, in reality. Launched as a Swiss confectionery and distribution product in the latter part of the 19th century, Maggi has been on the international scene for 100 years or more.

In 1947, it was acquired by Nestle, another Swiss multinational giant. Despite being owned by a foreign company, Maggi’s long history in India and its clever marketing strategies have cemented its place in the hearts (and stomachs) of many Indians. The brand has become so synonymous with instant noodles that it’s easy to understand why some might mistakenly believe it’s a homegrown company.


The brightening red box of Lifebuoy and the carbolic perfume which is known with Indian for over the hundred years are well related with the ‘hygiene’ issue. But interestingly enough, it is not the fact that Lifbuoy is an Indian company that will amaze you but rather in the fact that it is not. This shade is labeled “Warm Beige,” and it′s manufactured by Unilever, the company with headquarters in the Netherlands and England.

So why the confusion? The issue is multifarious. Before anything, Lifebuoy’s focus on hygiene and germ protection fully represents the demands of the Indian market that are concerned about these issues. Moreover, Unilever is a mass-producer with a well-established market and brand name both in India and other countries. This scenario is most likely the case of the misappropriation of the brand, because Lifebuoy looks as it were made India.


Nestle is a classic example of a MNC that has a major presence in India, yet inadequately rebuffs the accusations of Indians about being domestic brand. Unlike Nestle, the well-known brand in India is the stepchild coined after our country, Nestle India. However, the brands’ real major parent company that determines all its strategy is Nestle S.A, which is a Swiss multinational food and beverage giant.

Nestle India is a well known name existing in India since more than hundred years but it is often overlooked that it is owned by foreign parent company mostly because of its famous international brands. These extended operations and the side effect that the company would be known as an Indian entity lead to the false impression that Nestle belongs to Indians. Nestle India is basically our own name; it consists of such tasty and well-known products as: Maggi noodles or Kit Kat chocolates on the market. Besides this deep integration into the Indian way of life, an impression is solidly planted into people that the religion is native to them.

Star TV

Besides a world-class network,’Star TV’ has an unique story of formation too. In India it probably means Disney Star, a media giant which holds user base comparable to The Walt Disney Company. This multichannel entity brings the entertainment engagement of Indian television at large including the most favorite channel of the likes of Star Plus and Star Sports.

Yet, beyond the South Asian region, Star TV could be related to Starz (whereas it is known as “Starz Play Arabic”), a U.S. premium channel renowned for its original series and films. If things were not complicated enough, there’s the Star TV, which is a renowned national channel, established in Turkey all the way back in 1989. Well, the next time you hear “STAR TV,” do not zone out but rather consider the context – it could be a Bollywood blockbuster, Hollywood drama, Turkish news program, or something absolutely 100% different.

Brooke Bond Taj Mahal

A Brooke Bond Taj Mahal, for reference, is a globally born-and-bred tea brand despite the name that evokes the infamous Indian monument. Started in 1966, its claim to fame is that of being India’s first premium variety of tea, which has had a lasting impact in the tea-drinking experience industry in the country. A perfect balance between the outstanding quality and the recognizable taste is achieved by Taj Mahal in the process of choice of only those leaves from the finest gardens in Assam. Through their careful blending that pairs up these sundry leaves, a tea of high grade is created which features not only rich taste and inviting smell but also beautiful golden-orange cup tint.

Over the years, ‘Brooke Bond Taj Mahal’ has made an impression in the Indian tea industry being regarded as a symbol of excellence leading its ‘Wah Taj’ (Wow, Taj!) tagline to generate trust in customers. One of the areas where the brand’s commitment to quality comes out is the Taj Mahal Tea House, which is a brand’s unique place in Mumbai, where only tea connoisseurs who are seeking really special tea experience can go.

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