Top 7 High Paying Tech Jobs In 2024


There are so many tools and technologies in the market these days. The market is very competitive, AI is on the rise and recession, and layoffs are around the corner. In such situations, how can you find the right job opportunity for yourself to deal with all these questions, in today’s article we will discuss in detail 7 high-paying tech career opportunities including job responsibilities, expected salary, and company recruitment.


Top 7 High Paying Tech Jobs In 2024

The IT industry’s favourite and preferred role is – Software Engineering. A Software Engineer does many things for a company. Sometimes front-end, sometimes Android, checking bugs, data engineering and many more. They are responsible for developing software and operations that can be run on multiple machines. They develop scalable systems for large-scale problems. It is their job to understand the client’s needs and deliver results accordingly. Now, let’s talk about the skills you need. First of all, you will need programming languages. i.e. Python, Java, JavaScript and C++ – You also need to know about DSA Operating Systems, DBMS, OOP and CN.

And some good projects will always work in your favour. In this article, whatever roles we will discuss – I have asked my friends about the salary, discussed with the expert in the field, and after a lot of research, we bring to you the average salary. As a fresher, you can expect around 12 LPA in product base, but companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft offer starting packages at 40 LPA. And with 2-3 years of experience it can increase even more. Many companies like Infosys, TCS and Wipro also offer better and good packages.


IT Product Manager. Now, who hasn’t watched Shark Tank – startup culture in India is on boom and the demand for product managers is at its peak. But what does a product manager do, they’re like the mini CEOs of the company. This role is very dynamic and multi-disciplinary. Their work is to launch any feature from scratch and manage everything with the tech team, design team & marketing team in the IT sector, you; ‘re doing the same for a Software product or service sector. Talking about skills, your communication should be very good since you’ve to coordinate in various departments and your problem-solving skills should be on top.

Since you’ll have to analyze a variety of trends. You should know basic programming & SQL and in technologies, you should know a bit about Google tools, Jira, and Figma these days, there are many innovations in AI, IoT & blockchain, so in such conditions, the demand for products managers is shooting up a lot. Big companies like Amazon, Google, Zomato, and Wipro are hiring a lot of product managers. As a fresher you can expect 16-20 LPA & with 2-3 years of experience you can reach around 40-50 LPA.


DevOps DevOps is a mix of development and Operation. This is a new and trending field. So, your main work is a collaboration of the Development and operations teams and maintaining the software pipeline. You need to work on automating things. You’ll be regularly involved in building, testing, and deploying codes. For this, you should have a good understanding of software development lifecycle CI/CD Pipeline, Linux & Python you’ve to learn tools like Ansible, Puppet, and Chef and you should have a bit of knowledge about cloud computing platforms like Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS. As a fresher you can expect about 14-15 LPA in it and with some experience, you can go about 30-50 LPA.


A full-stack developer has to make websites and apps. Be it the front end, which is visible to the user, or the back end, which isn’t visible to us. You’ll be required to build an API to communicate between different services and applications. With AI on the rise, people believe that this can be completely replaced. But it’s not true at all. I believe that AI might be able to help you with this but it can’t make an entire program end-to-end. So, this field has a lot more scope than you might imagine. Be it freelancing or working on a project in a startup. Remote jobs are in abundance in this field.

So the skills that you require for the same you should know Mern Stack, in front end – HTML, JavaScript, CSS & Framework in which React JSS. In the backend, you should know about Python, JavaScript, Django & Nodejs. Among databases, SQL and Mongo DB are recommended. And in app development, Java, React Native, and Flutter & in this field you can expect a salary of 6-8 LPA as a fresher and with an experience of a few years, you can get about 25-30 LPA.


Data Scientist. As a data scientist your work is to collect a large amount of data analyze it and find insights to help that business grow. You need to make a hypothesis and give suggestions to grow the product. If you’re interested in Mathematics Statistics or Numbers, you should try it out. Various industries like Health care, Finance, and Marketing – each need data scientists. Whichever field you want to be a data scientist, you need to keep exploring it. You should’ve analytical skills for the same, but communication skills are also necessary.

As you should know how to present complex numbers in easy language. Having a basic knowledge of Python and R, along with it you should know about data modeling, statistics, probability, and also basic machine learning. Paypal, Accenture, Intuit, Deloitte, and EY actively hire data scientists. As a fresher, you can expect about 16-20 LPA and after 3-4 years of experience, promotions and switching companies you can reach up to 50 LPA.


AI-/ ML engineers There are many new AI innovations in the market and who doesn’t know about Devin, Chat GPT and to build these models, we’ve AI/ML engineers. They’re required to develop a set of algorithms and trained AI models on them & for this you need critical and problem-solving skills with a good knowledge of the domain. You should always be ready to learn new things. The hard skills that you require for the same are – In languages you should have a knowledge of Python, R, and Java knowing about machine learning and deep learning is a must. Apart from this among Python frameworks, you should know about Pytorch Tensorflow.

Mathematical concepts like – Linear, Algebra, Probability, Statistics, etc. are pretty necessary tools. Apart from this, some other technologies that you should be aware of are Tablo, Power BI, and NLP models. And open CB for computer vision. Now, the demand for this role in the market is huge & experienced staff are very less. So, the pay for it is very good. After a few years of experience, you can even earn up to 50-60 LPA The more you work, the better you earn. The top companies hiring for this role are Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, TCS, Google and Accenture


Blockchain Developer So, this job has been in the market for a long time and has a lot of scope. The thing about it is that you need to implement blockchain solutions in it using blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger and Binance Marching. You should have a good understanding of these platforms and you should have interest in cryptocurrency and have good knowledge of it. Among the languages ​​– Solidity, Python and JavaScript are a must. The top companies hiring for this role are CoinSwitch Kuber Coin DCX, Accenture, Infosys and many banks.

You can earn up to 15 LPA as a fresher and it can go up to 50-60 lakhs after 4-5 years. And with this, we have covered all the major tech options that can pay you well and have good scope. If you still have doubts or questions then let us know in the comments. What kind of articles you would like to see in the future, also let us know in the comments and keep visiting our website. Because from now on you will get regular content on this. I will meet you in the next article. See you later!

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