Internship Success: Strategies For Achieving Excellence In Your Internship


Internship Success: Strategies For Achieving Excellence In Your Internship. I’ve been receiving a lot of LinkedIn alerts lately about people’s changes to their work status. It was largely for people’s summer internships, I saw. I reasoned that this would be the ideal opportunity to discuss best practices for internships. I’ll go over six recommended practices with you today to help you get the most out of your summer internship. Let’s get started immediately!


First, establish specific objectives. You must comprehend the expectations associated with any job you take on. Internships operate similarly. I’ve seen a lot of individuals join their ideal businesses just to give up halfway through because they didn’t have a clear objective from the start. Some were irritated because they didn’t know what was expected of them, while others were irritated because their internship didn’t seem meaningful to them. By establishing a specific objective from the start, your internship will have structure and purpose.

Additionally, this will assist you in avoiding needless annoyance or confrontation throughout your summer internship. Specific skills you want to work on, areas your boss or employer needs assistance with, and deliverables or project outcomes you want to focus on are a few examples of objectives and expectations you may establish from the start.


The second is to communicate often. You had certain objectives when you began your internship, then. How are you going to ensure that you are staying on course and making the most of your internship experience? Well, the secret is to communicate! It would be best if you scheduled weekly meetings with your boss from the first week forward.

You will be able to examine your project and get comments during these sessions. Additionally, give yourself some time to highlight the objectives you had for the internship. Additionally, don’t forget to provide a detailed agenda for your manager’s weekly meetings. should honor your manager’s time while simultaneously getting all you wanted covered.


Thirdly, go out there and start networking. You have a fantastic chance to start networking throughout your internship. Ultimately, the individuals you encounter in this environment have the potential to become future friends, business associates, and mentors. I would start by getting in touch with your team to find out who they suggest you get in touch with. As an example, you could always say, “Hey, Jeff from my team recommended chatting with you about your role and XYZ.” This can help you strike up a discussion.

Additionally, I would advise you to get in touch with individuals who are in positions that interest you. For you to understand what their typical day entails and what would be the most effective way for you to fill that role. Within the company, resources might be used for this. Additionally, I would make contact with employees of businesses that are direct rivals of yours. By doing this, you’ll be able to expand your network within the industry that most interests you.


The fourth step is to begin journaling. Develop the practice of journaling during your internship to help you remember any fresh concepts, insights, and achievements from your summer job. Numerous friends of mine have had difficulty recalling specific details of their summer internship experiences. Because you will often require statistics or performance metrics on resumes to support your accomplishments. Using Google Keep, Google Docs, or any other cloud platform will allow you to manage and view long after your summer internship is over.


Using the resources of the firm is the fifth step. These days, the majority of businesses provide their workers with free access to their learning platform. I have worked for firms that all have one of these platforms, including Amazon. You should take advantage of these free learning platforms so that you may pick up new skills related to the sector and your internship.


Needless to say, quit behaving like an intern. I recognize that as an intern, there are moments when you may be unsure about your permission to speak or ask questions. Yes, simply put. You are free to express yourself and ask questions. This is what is expected of you. Doing this may make you feel awkward or uncomfortable. However, to turn that internship into a full-time position, you must follow this process. Ultimately, if you decide to take a full-time position, the people evaluating you will be the ones who will collaborate with you. Rather than someone who needs direction on every assignment they are given, they will want someone with whom they can collaborate. So don’t hesitate. talk up!


OK then. I appreciate your presence today. I hope this was useful. If you have a topic you’d like me to cover, just leave a comment.

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