The Best Lifetime-Free Credit Cards of 2024 -Features, Benefits, and Comparisons

Hello friends, in this article we’re going to discuss that in 2024, which are the best lifetime-free credit cards that we should consider having. In this article, we’ll discuss 5 such credit cards which are, in a way, lifetime-free credit cards.

We’ll first go through the features of all the 5 credit cards. Then, at the end of the article, we’ll draw our conclusion as to which of these 5 credit cards is the best. So, we’re going to get a complete conclusion at the end of the information. Another point to note is that each credit card depends on a particular individual’s needs. Among these 5 cards, one might be good for someone, and another might be suitable for another’s needs. Let’s discuss what all the 5 cards offer.

ICICI Amazon Pay Credit Card: Unlimited Cashback on Amazon Purchases

The first lifetime-free credit card that we’ll discuss is quite a good card. It’s called an ICICI Amazon Pay credit card. The card offers an unlimited 5% cashback if you buy anything from Amazon.

The Best Lifetime-Free Credit Cards of 2024 -Features, Benefits, and Comparisons

So, if you go to Amazon – suppose, you have this card with which you want to pay, and even if you spend 1 crore on Amazon, you’ll get a 5 lac-rupee cashback. So, there’s no upper limit – if you buy products worth 100 crores, you’ll get a 5% cashback, i.e., 5 crore rupees. It’s not like other credit cards that only offer like maximum of 1000 rupees as cashback per month or up to 2000 rupees cashback per month it doesn’t have any upper limit which is a great thing.

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Axis Bank’s Flipkart Credit Card: 5% Cashback on Flipkart Purchases

Now, the second benefit is that, as soon as you get this credit card, it says first that you’ll get a gift voucher of 500 rupees.

The Best Lifetime-Free Credit Cards of 2024 -Features, Benefits, and Comparisons

If you spend 5000 in the first 30 days, you can choose this gift voucher to be from Uber, Big Basket, Lifestyle, or Amazon Pay Gift Card. You can choose a gift voucher for any of these. One thing it says is that after you get the card, you’ll get a 5% discount on the very first EMI you pay. But the thing is you’ll always be charged for making EMIs. Other than this, it offers four domestic airport lounge access.

Scapia Credit Card of Federal Bank: Ideal for Frequent Flyers

The next credit card is the Scapia credit card of Federal Bank. Before I talk about the features, first let me tell you that if you travel frequently – if you book flights and travel here and there by air a lot, only then this credit card would be better for you.

The Best Lifetime-Free Credit Cards of 2024 -Features, Benefits, and Comparisons

But if you have nothing to do with flights, if you don’t travel by air, or don’t stay at hotels, then this card’s not useful for you. But you can keep watching to gain knowledge about it and wish to know the current scenario and what features are being offered by banks. First, again it’s a lifetime-free credit card.

IDFC First Select Credit Card: Movie Ticket Offers and Cashback

Now, the third credit card is the IDFC First Select Credit Card. This is also a lifetime free credit card. The first feature of it is that when you go to Paytm movie, it gives an offer of ‘Buy One Get One’ on movie tickets.

The Best Lifetime-Free Credit Cards of 2024 -Features, Benefits, and Comparisons

It’ll give you a maximum discount of 250 rupees on the second ticket. Suppose I book the 1st ticket for 250 rupees, then you’ll get the 2nd ticket for free. So, you’ve to pay 250 rupees for both tickets and both tickets will be booked. And suppose it’s 300, then you’ll get 250 rupees for the second ticket, then you’ll have to pay 50 rupees for the second ticket. This was a ‘buy one get one’ ticket. And you can avail of this benefit twice a month.

AU Bank’s LIT Credit Card: Feature-Rich, Smart Usage Required

The last credit card is called the LIT credit card of AU Bank. Many people will say that this credit card is useless. Many will say that it is very good. Well, if someone uses it smartly then this credit card is good.

The Best Lifetime-Free Credit Cards of 2024 -Features, Benefits, and Comparisons

It is lifetime-free. Now what does it say? Now, understand one thing, it’s lifetime-free. First, it says that if anyone spends anything then 0.25% cashback will be given surely. Suppose you spend 100 rupees, then you will get a cashback of 25 for sure. Along with this, it gives you these 16 features. Let me tell you the first feature. It says that you’ve to turn a feature on or off. It’s free for a lifetime. No need to pay the annual fee.

Conclusion: Amazon Pay Credit Cards Stands Out

The Best Lifetime-Free Credit Cards of 2024 -Features, Benefits, and Comparisons

So, all these things are good but I feel something is missing. Now, talking of conclusion, then simply speaking, the Amazon Pay credit card is quite a good credit card, as it contains all the good features. So, all-in-all, the Amazon Pay credit card is quite good among these, and if you want any other than these, you can choose the IDFC Select credit card. Now, it’s your choice. I’ve explained all the features.

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