Top 10 Latest Games of April 2024

April is coming up fast and some big games are coming out this month game ranks always sort through and give you the ones you’re probably going to hear the most about hi folks it’s Falcon and today on game ranks the top 10 new games of April 2024.


Europa is an absolutely beautiful action-adventure game where you play as an Android on the terraformed moon of Europa attempting to investigate the last living human now it calls this a peaceful Adventure but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any obstacles or adversity far from it looks like a lot of what it wants you to figure out over the course is the interesting traversal mechanics which include a jetpack it’s a cool looking game there is a demo out on Steam now I’d recommend having a look at it it’s something that feels new without feeling particularly unfamiliar I think it has a lot of potentials and I’m excited to play it when it lands on PC April 16th.

Children Of The Sun

Children Of The Sun a third person tactical puzzle shooter that although it shares very little in common with persona for some reason really reminds me of it that being said it’s nothing like it you’re basically waging a one-woman war against a cult and you take down cult member by Cult member slowly methodically until you find the leader and take them out it’s interesting because you take control of the bullet once it is shot this is another another game for which there’s a demo and everything I’ve said here probably doesn’t do it justice it’s a different game in a very good way might I add I’ll say this between Europa and this we have already gone through two pretty unique titles with demos that you can play now if you’re excited for what’s coming next month check them both out Children Of The Sun like I I there’s not anything else quite like this game now if that can sustain itself over the course of an entire game that has yet to be seen but I definitely like what I see so far and I just got to say how much I’m liking the amount of demos we’re seeing lately it’s a nice and confident way to release games show us how they play.

Sand Land

Sandland is an action RPG that takes place in yet another one of the late great orator Yama’s worlds this one goes above and beyond in creating a unique way of seeing that man’s phenomenal work is a definite standout in terms of adoptions.

I can say that the demo which is again available right now is every bit as cool looking as anything you’re looking at here it’s a very gamey action RPG too it’s one of those games where you’re like yes I love it this is why I love video games at least from what I’ve played you play as a fiend Prince named beagle bulb and you embark on an adventure searching for the legendary spring there’s a lot more than that if you’re aware of the manga you know exactly what I’m talking about if not you were in for a lot of twists and turns the last two games were PC only this one goes way out further than that it is coming to PC but also the PlayStations the Xboxes as well and it’s coming April 26th.

No Rest for The Wicked

No Rest for The Wicked This is where our free demos stop at least for now this is the new Precision action RPG coming to us from Moon Studios the developers of Ory and the Forest and Will of the Wisps they claim it’s going to reinvent the genre I don’t care if they do or don’t what I care about is if the quality of the AI games carries over to a new genre in terms of art style aesthetic it’s all intensely cool but as you know that is of course only part of it that said all of the gameplay they have shown us looks I’m going to say pretty good in terms of action RPGs it’s probably closer to a Diablo than it is a dark soul and if they are going to reinvent the DNA that it inherits from Diablo that’s a pretty tall order again I would just be satisfied with a quality action RPG from these developers and I have a feeling it’s going to at very least be that no rest for the wicked is coming to PC PS5 and Xbox series on April 18th.

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is coming to the PlayStation 5 now obviously when Microsoft bought up all of the studios it has over the last God knows how long a lot of people did not expect to see these games coming to other consoles and it took its sweet time with C of Thieves but we’re actually going to see it on the PlayStation 5 this is no doubt due to the fact that PlayStation 5 has pretty irrevocably won in terms of this console generation.

I think Microsoft is understanding that the future will be not so much what platform you’re on but fully in content and that is leading them to put their releases on other platforms sea of Thieves started out as kind of a dud of a game and turned into something pretty damn cool over the years it’s the pirate simulator and it’s not really a simulator it’s kind of more of a just a social story creation SL Adventure game thing uh and it’s landing on PS5 I’m excited to play it with PS5 people it’s actually been quite a while since I’ve played sea of Thieves so yeah it’s a good reason to pick it back up and I will be doing just that when it lands on PS5 April 30th.

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Another Crab’s Treasure

Another Crab’s Treasure which is perhaps one of the silliest Souls likes uh that isn’t just a joke that I’ve seen it’s a beautiful vibrant colorful undersea World filled with treasures and perils and you’re a crab navigating all of it and it’s a Souls-like it’s really cute it’s uh animated very well and all of the trash that you can find is also essentially how you’re going to prot protect yourself it’s a different approach to the souls-like genre that I think maybe big I don’t know that I’m expecting it to be as tough as a traditional.

Dark Souls it kind of is marketing itself fairly differently from Souls-like the fact that it’s calling itself Souls-like is even kind of odd with the marketing that they’ve used with it but for me, that’s kind of like part of the Allure another crabs treasure is landing on PC PS5 Xbox series and switch April 25th.

Tales of Kenzera: ZAU

Tales of Kenzera: ZAU putting us right back on track to talk about games that have demos out that you can play right now this is Metroid Vania about a guy named Zhao who is grieving the loss of his father it’s got Supernatural stuff, uh but the whole point is dealing with grief it’s gotten a lot of good press, uh people seem to think that the story is pretty good I played the demo I like the game play personally also the demo it’s going to be a while before the story plays out it’s a pretty game has a different aesthetic and in all truth like the fact that there’s another Metroid Vania out that doesn’t look the same as some other Metroid Vania is kind of shocking at this point this is a genre that’s become massively popular in recent years and we have seen every shape and size of it I love that there’s still stuff to be rung out of this genre like I I can’t wait to play this one tales of Kera Zhao is landing on PS5 5 Xbox series switch and PC April 23rd.

ASTRA: Knights of Veda

ASTRA: Knights of Veda a kind of 2D action-adventure exploration type game different in terms of exactly what it’s going for it’s calling itself a 2d RPG but to me, it looks more like an action RPG with a lot of exploration in it it is very pretty and has you going up against an evil King who has ransacked the world and screwed everything up you want to free the world and good for you it claims to be an uh story Rich game so there’s probably a lot of character development that goes alongside that stuff I like what this looks like a lot I’d probably be interested in it based on looking at the gameplay alone it looks smooth and fun without being too esoteric but also not too simple H It looks interesting Astron nights of vaa is coming to PC April.

Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade it looks like meets back on the menu boys Stellar blade ain’t playing around this is a game that to me looks like there’s probably going to be a lot of different types of action RPG all combined into one it’s been something that people have been following for a while back when it was first announced I kind of thought yeah that looks interesting and then over time what they’ve continually shown of it has looked cooler and cooler obviously a lot of people have been talking about this game because sexy lady but I have a feeling that it has a lot more to offer than that I mean sometimes.

I find myself comparing it to poneta or Devil May Cry Sometimes I find myself comparing it to Near Automa sometimes to Dark Souls like there’s stuff in this game that looks like it’s going to be a little all over the place in a good way and I am really excited for it there is a demo coming to the PS5 on the 29th so if you’re interested and want to see how it plays that’s a good place to start it is a PS5 exclusive and it will be released releasing on April 26th.

Manor Lords

Manor Lords according to Manor Lords. com This game aims to provide a gridless organic city-building experience with full freedom of placement and rotation uh that said they also say there are snapping tools and yeah well there’s a lot more to Manner Lords it’s a strategy game big old tactical battles crazy stuff going on great graphics lots of people on screen at once day-night cycle season cycle honestly it looks like a pretty great open-ended strategy City Builder set Medieval Times of course now the thing they’re selling it on is the city building and its accuracy but there is some pretty cool medieval warfare involved here like.

I said there are a ton of people on screen at a time and I have a feeling that that is going to be a bigger part of the game than they’re advertising it to be because it looks very cool at least I hope it is I don’t know basically if it does everything that it’s an advertising and s to do correctly I think it’s going to be a pretty stellar game man of Lords is landing on PC April 26th.

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